Wednesday, February 16, 2011

For Gentlemen Bastard fans

The Republic of Thieves (Gollancz)All you Gentlemen Bastards out there, I know it has been a long wait for the third installment in the Locke Lamora series by Scott Lynch! The publishing date has been pushed back form 2009 to Nov '11. However, we do have a 5000+ word uncorrected excerpt of The Republic of Thieves available at the Camorr site here exclusively.

If this series is new to you, my reviews are here:
Review of The Lies of Scott Lamora (#1)
Teaser from Red Seas under Red Skies (#2)
It's available for FREE - Go for it!
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  1. I have follow this blog follow me too

  2. Yikes! Looks like another series I need to catch up on. Hopefully this snow ends soon so I can disappear into the woods and get some serious reading done. :)

  3. @kel - Haha, read the series! And free is super :)

    @Sally - Do check it out, hope the snow days end soon.


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