Friday, December 9, 2011

SFF = Science fiction & fantasy

The weirdest conversation I've been in recently started with me talking about my love for SFF novels, and then degenerated into "Oh, SFF stands for...".

Really, how do you describe fantasy to someone who seems to think it is only Twilight or Harry Potter?
Sounds juvenile any way you do it.
*sigh* This is how I felt: (see picture ->)


P.S. I do read YA too, and Harry Potter is awesome. I'm not saying that I think YA is juvenile, just that Fantasy does include other styles of writing too.
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  1. If people ask me, I usually mention some of the bigger names of fantasy that they're still sure to have heard of, like Lord of the Rings. Sure, people may only know the movies, but it gives them a better idea of the stuff I read rather than just assuming I read Twilight-style novels.

  2. For fantasy, maybe describe it as possibilities would the world have not lost its magic. Like, if children's belief in the impossible never faded, and fantasy as a genre takes those impossible ideas and turns them into possibilities.

    For scifi, it's an alternate look at the future we're heading toward. Like Star Trek of the 1960s, we've invented almost 75% of those technologies now. So modern SF takes a look at what technologies exist out there that we've yet to achieve, and their impact on humanity, whether for better or worse.

    Just my two cents!



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