Wednesday, June 6, 2012

An Armchair, BEA and You

BEA, for most non-American readers, would be an unknown. The Book Expo America is a massive 4 day event in NYC, starting 4th June, with over 1300 stalls, and 500 authors (FIVE HUNDRED!!)
Not only does it feature authors and publishers, but plenty of bloggers and other folks in the publishing industry.

Official BEA website with schedules (Don't read this, you will only want to be there, I promise): 
To experience BEA madness without actually being there: 

Finally, the most awesome guide to BEA yet - use this to find titles on NetGalley that you'd enjoy reading:
Galleycat quick guide to BEA
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  1. determined to bring this idea to England, in the meanwhile I'm happy to be part of the event that is the Armchair BEA.

    1. Ohhh how does one go about importing an event like this? London already has a huge book festival each year :)

  2. Hi, hope you're enjoying Armchair BEA. :)

  3. I do torture myself every year by looking at the BEA schedule and working out what I would do if I was there!

  4. Marg, I'd suggest going through netgalley links in the PDF above to at least read the same books at home :)


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