Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Grand Roundup - May

Total Comments: 30 Comments (i.e. 15 or so by Readers)
Most commented: (Because we segued into chatting about our mutual adoration for Miyazaki)
Unique Visitors: 105 (YAY!) ; More than 10 visits: 25 visitors (Pretty fantastic)
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  1. And if you are looking for good SFF recommendations, I religiously follow the list here:

    The list is old but I haven't been disappointed by any book I picked based on the list. :)

  2. It is time for you and Rohit to visit us sometime in the near future & pickup the Miyazaki / Anime stuff we have been talking about.

    Additionally, we do have a huge set of Graphic Novels that you might like. :)

  3. great list! thanks :D will be picking something off it soon..


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