Review Policy

I would be honored and happy to accept books for review.
I accept published books and ARCs. I am in no way compensated for any reviews on my site. I own a Kindle, and I will accept any format of ebook as well. You have my word that the ebook copies will not be circulated on any site or peer2peer network.

My preferences for genres are paranormal, fantasy, urban fantasy, and sometimes YA. I also have reviewed books that don't fall into these genres, so do send me an email - I would be happy to review your book.

Review Content

When I review an ARC/review copies, the review will include
  • Links to Publisher/Author website (both if available)
  • Links to Amazon to buy the book
  • Images of the Book, video promo (if available)
Review Locations
  1. All reviews are posted here, at e-Volving Books
  2. GoodReads Page:
  3. Amazon reviews
  4. Twitter and Facebook publicity

My posts here will be based on my personal opinion of the book and the ratings will reflect that. No guarantees of positive reviews! An honest review, however, is a promise.

I am an Amazon associate, so some links will direct you to Amazon. If you make any purchase through my link, I will receive a small commission.
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