Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Most Beautiful Public Libraries in the US

Dear World: Thank You For Libraries!
Here are a few of my favorites from a recent Flavorwire list of Top 10 "most-beautiful-from-the-outside public" libraries in the US:
The renovation shown above is so different from anything the government can afford in India!
Chicago Public Library - My one-time haunt while I lived in Chicago..Pure pleasure to see it and its gargoyles! Well-beloved gargoyles standing guard over your books, how reassuring.

This Salt Lake city public library seems super inviting - that wall of windows just draws people in, I'd think.
For all 10 libraries that made the cut, go to Flavorwire
What do you like best?
Next time, I'll look for gorgeous libraries in Europe and across the world. 
Do you have a picture of your local library? Do share it with me @ - I will feature a post on this if we have enough libraries!
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  1. Impresive - my favourite has to be Chicago.

  2. The Chicago library looks so inviting-- I love the idea of the gargoyles! In the South, libraries tend to run much smaller than in the cities in the US and UK, but I'm very grateful for my local branch. :)

  3. It's interesting how public libraries are either retaining the cozy brickwork or renovating to modernized glass. I love the Chicago look, too :)

  4. Wow, I wish my library was that big, and that pretty!

  5. If only all countries built such beautiful libraries...I love the modern look of the first one (but only providing that there's a/c inside)

  6. wow - i love these shots. the top one just looks stunning.

    i have a thing for checking out libraries wherever I go :)


  7. @Petty, @Kat - the chicago library is my fav too. I wish we had good public libraries in India, but their state is really bad. I go to a private one, as do most others.

    @Teach - the cozy look vs. glass debate must be really strong in librarian circles :)

    @slowest bookworm - big and filled with books!! I would have trouble with that many choices

    @Nomes - would love to do that!! Haven't had the idea before :)

    @anachronist - I imagine any library in the US comes with a/ India, it is a safe bet that 99% of libraries (public or not) will run on old fans :)

  8. What a great post. I want to go to the library in Salt Lake City.

  9. Those are fabulous libraries! Oh, I want to go to those places . . . :D

  10. Hopped by and stopped a little longer.

    Chicago library is a magnificent building.

    I love historical buildings.


  11. I like all three, they're all fantastic. Traditional or contemporary, I just love libraries. Though brick will always find appeal with me.

  12. Nice post.. wish i can get a chance to build one of it aftr i graduate frm architecure discipline. India needs it.

  13. I was in Chicago not too long ago and we passed the library on accident and I just stood there staring for a good 10 minutes! I loved it but we couldn't go in because we were on a tight travelling schedule but I'm definitely planning on returning there! :)

    1. Wow, you must have been there on a day with good weather to be able to stand for a while outside ! :)


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