Friday, August 31, 2012

Summer Releases I'm into currently

A friend recently asked me what I'm reading next, and I was stumped! I couldn't articulate (without sounding REALLY weird) the many books I'm currently in the middle of/anticipating starting:

  • The Monkeewrench books by Mother-Daughter duo P.J. Tracy has a new one out: Off the Grid. I usually find these books chilling and gripping but this time it hasn't grabbed me and made me see killers around the corners.
  • I'm re-reading Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archive #1: The Way of Kings. The first time I read it, I was just speed reading bits to get back to my one favorite character (Kaladin) and I don't really remember a good half of the book
  • I will probably read one or two of the Wheel of Time books again, to set me up for the Jan 2013 release of WOT #14 (the final book)
  • Going through Terry Pratchett's The World of Poo in bits, and imagining reading that aloud to  my son when he is 3
  • A friend passed on the Phillippa Gregory books a long time ago, PLUS I just borrowed one from the library, so I really ought to read that next

What you reading now? And what is next?
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  1. Now I am reading a book by Octavia Butler and another one is waiting for me (by Kira Izmailova). Your list is impressive, Dee!!

    1. Impressive, not really - I'm only reading 3 books..the rest are all Planned!

  2. The other day I started talking about one of the books I was reading, and my fiance was like...which book, you read like twenty at a time!

    Right now I'm finishing up The Passage by Justin Cronin and I'm about midway through a free kindle book called Another Lonely Wizard...not impressed by the first but enjoying the second.

    Next up is the second book of the Dark Tower series by Stephen King.

    1. Fiances and significant others do NOT get our reading styles, from experience :)

      Do you have any books/authors you'd recommend I read, off the top of your head?

  3. i have not comment about the content...still goggly-eyed about the stairs!

  4. I like Paranormal Romance and just got an email from Amazon telling me that my copy of A Tale Of Two Vampires by Katie MacAlister is on its way.

  5. wait the world of Poo ???
    currently rereading Wodehouse. Its one of those times :)
    This month dedicated to re reading.

    Psmith is still awesome

    1. Recently read a Wodehouse too - another library copy from the Blandings books :)


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