Monday, August 6, 2012

Book Review: It's a Mom! by Shefali Tsabary

Grade: B+/A in parts
The latest book I've read is not the one I'm about to review. However, this book I'm reviewing is one that I've found myself quoting and reading aloud to all my new-mom friends. 

Why I picked it up: Yes, I'm a new mom and a book lover, so I've discovered the Parenting section in my library.

Why I finished it:
The book "It's a Mom!" dwelt on the sometimes conflicting emotions a new parent has - you have this awesomely cuddly bundle of joy, but you also need a break from being with a baby 24x7. Most of the advice is for a new or expecting parent, right up to the toddler age-group.

Plus: I related with the thought that you completely lose your "self" identity when you become a parent. I also laughed out loud when browsing through it in the library - because the examples/stories are so true! People DO give you unwanted advice, everyone guilt-trips you if try new parenting ideologies, and you will guilt-trip yourself.
I've tried to unsuccessfully discuss babies learning independence, not wanting to feed my baby Cerelac (or store-bought baby food) (this one I won), and more.

Minus: The author doesn't quote from any studies of parenting methodologies, or scientific research, all the "How To" advice is solely from her experience. I wished there had been more substantial citing. 

I'd Recommend this to: New Moms and Dads only - not expecting parents.

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  1. I'll be sure to mention this to friends who have just become first time parents, thanks for recommending it.


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