Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ebooks and Sheldon Comics!

The brilliant Sheldon comic creater, Dave Kellett, writes an interesting post on whether libraries lending ebooks is the beginning of the end of publishing.
It certainly is the end of publishing as we know it...
Read it here!

And if you aren't up to reading, here is a comic version that conveys the idea!
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  1. Love the comic! But my local library only has single licenses for each book - you'd have to wait forever to get anything halfway popular, and for more obscure stuff, it probably won't be stocked. Libraris don't get unlimited ebooks for free, so I think there's life in the industry yet! :-)

    1. Oh that makes sense, thanks :)
      But why wouldn't the libraries stock more ebooks? They dont have to use up shelf space..

  2. This certainly sounds pessimistic, but doesn't it just mean we need to change the way we sell ebooks? Also, not every book ever made is a) available as an ebook b) available in your library or even c) available in your country! Also, I don't think that everybody will go for ebooks only, the experience of buying an actual book and holding it in your hand is way to precious. Ebooks are good for people with little space or for on the go, but books will prevail for those who read for the joy of it. Even books in libraries I think will prevail, especially with very specialized literature. If you knwo you won't make money with ebooks in your niche, why sell ebooks, right?


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