Sunday, January 9, 2011

Review: Carousel Tides by Sharon Lee

Carousel Tides

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Grade: A
Why I read it:
Carousel Tides piqued my interest when I read the first 10 chapters for free at
I have read nearly all the Sharon Lee and Miller books before, and enjoyed them immensely. Being eager for any more Liaden stories, I explored Webscriptions on Baen (this lets you buy the ebooks and packaged bundles of stories directly from Baen) - and signed up for an account.

Plus: I loved the heroine, Kate, and her changing attitude to her obligations at home. She is a magical powerhouse, but has elected to actively resign from her powers and position, instead attempting a normal life. We don't hear much about this, but her search for her missing grandma brings her back home.
The shield between the many worlds is wearing thin, and Kate is needed to stand Gaurdian for our world.

Characters: A very interesting, likeable character for Kate, I wanted more of this novel!

There were plenty of twists in the tale, adventures were had, and folks were rescued!
Minus: Not too many here - perhaps, a minor crib would be the story needed more depth to the secondary characters.

I would Recommend it to: Liaden fans (naturally), Urban Fantasy readers, Nora Roberts readers and my girlfriends who read romantic suspense. Also, folks who like strong female heroines.

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  1. Sounds interesting. I've never heard of this author before.

  2. Oh, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller have written a bunch of books before, in the Liaden universe. I happily recommend them to any reader, particularly space fantasy fans.

  3. Nice review, thanks for your recommendation ! I might be tempted!


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