Tuesday, May 31, 2011

When does amazon deliver?

Today is the 31st of May, and I was expecting Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews to turn up in my Kindle this morning. Having charged, wifi-d and readied the Kindle, needless to say it didn't come. Maybe that is 'cause my Kindle is registered in the US?
So I waited.
It is now 30 min past 12 AM EST, shouldn't the book turn up soon?
*fervently hopes*
I can only imagine that the Amazon folks are making this hard on purpose.
When I buy from www.baen.com they are awesome and email all the requested formats to my mail id as many times as I want.
Interestingly, this is my first Amazon pre-order. I usually just buy from my Kindle once the book is released, and the book downloads that very minute. It is all very exciting to see, I assure you *grins*.
Dear Gods of Amazon, Send me the book already.
Thanks much,
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  1. I hope you've gotten it by now! I've done the wait game before...and it usually doesn't show up at 12 est. Dont even think it was 12 pst. Maybe they wait for Hawaii to make it to 12am? heheh...

    At any rate, enjoy the new Kate D!

  2. It is HERE :D I am sure it is Hawaii time :D


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