Monday, August 29, 2011

Coming up - September is Terry Pratchett month here!

This week E-Volving Books is launching a Terry Pratchett month, starting Sept 1st.

A celebration of all things Pratchett - Discworld, DEATH and Music with Rocks in.

I love his books, and have read them all several times over. I recently read through most of his backlist in the last month, for the Nth time, and thought I should spread the love.

This will be jointly hosted, more on that tomorrow!
If you are interested and want to take part, do sign up by leaving a comment below. Feel free to do whatever you like to share the joy that is Pratchett's stories. 
If you like challenges - the challenge is to read and review 4-5 books by Pratchett this month! A potential/new fan? Your challenge is 2-3 books.

Create a post on your blog, link back here to this post.

Plan for Week 1: Talking of Captain Sam Vimes
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  1. What a great theme! I love Terry Pratchett so will look forward to your posts :-)

  2. Hi there, I reached you from a link at The Eagle's Aerial Perspective. Nice to meet you.
    *new follower*

  3. I will read 3 books from Pratchett this month. New fan ...

  4. So, unpopular opinion time...I kinda can't stand Terry Pratchett (with the notable exception being Good Omens, which he wrote with Neil Gaiman). Mostly, it's the head-hopping POVs from paragraph to paragraph. And yeah, I've been told he gets better in later books, but I hate not starting a series from the start and I just could not get into Color of Magic no matter how hard I tried.



  5. Lori, I must say that Color of Magic is one of my least favorite books. I dont recall ever re-reading it, while I've read the book from #6 onwards way more than once. (I won't reveal how many times for fear of sounding like a crazy woman).

    It is easier if you dont think of the series as ONE series, but rather like 10 different series all around one world.


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