Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A fresh look?

The new dynamic template that Blogger has released made me curious enough to test drive it for a week or so.
It is way more sober (boring?) compared to my previous orange and book-themed look, but perhaps also more professional. 
Let me know what YOU think - I am still concerned that the "Friends and Followers" section has disappeared. While I'm working on customizing this a little, why not explore?
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  1. The look is more professional, HTML 5 I am guessing.
    But looks wierd when you click on a post. It opens up and looks very very plain white box, black background and some post
    Plus +1 button is on top while the tweet and like are below..
    feels wierd..
    The front page looks good though :)

  2. oh magazine and Timeline look good, but your posts willl need more images now to look good :D

  3. As Sandip said, it looks quite professional. :)

  4. Yeah, I need to put better quality images now. Perhaps thats a good thing, will avoid wordy posts :)
    New Motto - Short and sweet!

    Once you click on a post, it does look quite vanilla.
    The worst thing is that all my sidebars are gone, and I don't know if I can bring those widgets back even if I restore templates.

  5. I wouldn't worry too much about the Friends and Followers. The RSS link at the top right-hand corner allows people to subscribe via various feed readers, including Google. I do love this design. I've used the Sidebar one for my personal blog.

  6. I'm torn. I agree that the new look is more professional, but I also think maybe it's too sober. It looks kinda monochrome to me, and when the page first pulled up, I thought at first I found some corporate website or one of those "this site for sale" placeholders. So I guess I was more a fan of the old look, or, at least, having a brighter color scheme.



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