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Review: Artemis Fowl - The Lost Colony and The Time Paradox

Grade B+ Review of Artemis Fowl Books 5 & 6
Published by Disney-Hyperion

Why I read them: The 8th and final Artemis Fowl book is coming out July 2012, this seemed a good time to catch up!
The Lost Colony refers to a colony of Demons that have been out of sync with our universe for a thousand years. Artemis is on a race against time to prevent the humans from discovering their existence and hence exterminating them.
Quote from The Lost Colony:
"Sool was the king of red tape. As the dwarfs said, he couldn't make a decision if he was holding a jug of water and his bum-flap was on fire. "  
Plus: Artemis meets his nemesis, the young genius Minerva.  Plenty of witty comments and shenanigans occur - very fast paced. The God-names are obvious references to their intellect,
Minus: Her role wasn't wasn't as pivotal as I expected. Seemed like Minerva's story line ran out of steam about halfway through and it all became about Artemis per usual . The book overall wasn't memorable, but ended on a cliffhanger. Recommend that you borrow this novel AND have the next one ready to read!

Quote from The Time Paradox: (Ch 8)
"He knew at that instant that there was no recovering from such a brutal fact. If he confessed, she would hate him. If he did not, he would hate himself."
Story: This book dives into Artemis' family - we get to peek into his relationship with his parents. The whole story revolves around how he would do anything to help his mum, even go back through time!
Artemis' nemesis is now his younger self, who is bent on helping his dear ol' mum too, back when his father disappeared.
Plus:  It isn't just Artemis that goes back, we see a younger, more vulnerable Holly.
Minus: Even though Holly looks younger, she is still a 90 year old mind in a young-looking body. That feeling of age didn't get through to the reader - instead, both Artemis and Holly act like teenagers.

Quick sum up: I was absolutely into reading both books, and read them back-to-back. The high of the finish wore off quickly though, so I'm giving it a few weeks before I pick up the penultimate book in the Fowl series. Still, the stories are absolutely fun to read!

Thanks to netGalley and the publisher for their exclusive dual-combo re-releases - you have successfully got me hyped about the last book!
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  1. I'm sad that Colfer's ending it with the next book. AF is one of my all-time favorite characters/series.

  2. Yeah. Any guesses around how he might wind things up?

  3. I loved Artemis Fowl as a teen but I haven't read them in a looong time. I might just go and re-read them! Or at least pick up where I left off. It's so sad he finished the series. I wish they'd make a TV series, but not Nickelodeon style, more along the lines of Grimm. And yes , please a TV series and not 8 Movies like Potter! Anything over 4 Movies is a mini Season ... and better suited for TV. OK enough rambling. Sorry :P


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