Friday, January 21, 2011

Bloggiesta Ole! This Weekend - Begins Now!

The Fantastic Bloggiesta event is a 3 day event across 21st to 23rd (this weekend), to celebrate blogging! It is a blogging marathon, and I'm going to use this time to refresh my blog as well.
  1. Send Mail to authors confirming or requesting for Q&A and Guest Post events (at least 2) (completed one)
  2. Writeup on my first post lauding paper books over ebooks
  3. Schedule blogger spotlight interviews for next two weeks (Wednesdays)
  4. Figure out my Blogging Goals
  5. Put out three invitations for Guest Posts, and get one invitation for a guest post
  6. Back up my blog
  7. Get help or figure out a new background (I'd like more white in the background)
  8. Start a Google document for Reviews Requested and when they are due. (Thanks to Jenn for the idea!)
  9. Make a button? Lookit at my beyootiful button on the right!
  10. Re-arrange/re-do sidebar
I'll be visiting other bloggers, and editing this page as the weekend progresses. 
oh, and HAVE FUN!
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  1. I'm happy you are participating, it's addictive though (as you visit other bloggers you will find more things you want to do)! :)

    I will check back later today/tomorrow morning. Have fun!

  2. I'm not sure if you have been to the website below, this is where my template is from (they have great templates with lighter backgrounds). There are so many options (other sites)... it's hard to choose!

  3. @Mari - You are being evil! I am now going to be template obsessed for the next few hours, and get nothing else done :D
    *sigh* no willpower, that's me.

  4. Thanks for participating Dee! I hope you accomplish much. If you need help with anything let me know!

  5. Thanks Natasha! I'm going to drop by and get ideas for more simple tasks to finish this weekend.

  6. Looks like you're well on you're way this weekend. Good Luck!

  7. Yes, you would think a button would be easy, however, I want to add a shovel over top with a transparent background and layer the words Buried in Books over that. I have the shovel with the Buried in Books but I can't get the program to let me layer the smaller version of my header and the shovel with my name. I'm considering redoing the pile with a real shovel on it and putting the text in on photobucket. They are easier to work with! Then I'll spend hours figuring out the code. I see another long frustrating day. That's why I'm not doing it. :)


  8. @adri - yeah, I had a burst of energy in the morning, but for the next several hours and the rest of the night, really, I'm busy with the dinner we're having at home for a few friends!

    @Heather - hahaha, I love this description of your photo, and I'm so hoping I get to see the finished work of art on your blog soon.

  9. looks like you're off to a great start!! enjoy the bloggiesta!

  10. I like the button. Great name for your blog, very clever use of the word evolving.

    Thanks for trying my mini-challenge!

  11. Hey! Your button came out great!!
    I hope you get all your goals done,

    Best of luck,


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