Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Book Genres

Just based on my reading focus, I sense that the reviews might mostly fall into the following categories:
  1. Fantasy
  2. Business ( Marketing, Statistics, books about famous companies)
  3. Detective Fiction/Assorted Fiction

There are probably holes in said list, it is a potential reading list after all!

That said, fantasy books are my bread and butter reading, and I would focus on this genre. To give non-fantasy readers a taste of what this genre is like, put aside your preconceived notions - Fantasy is not about whacky unicorns and dragons. I can't describe this any better than Terry Pratchett:

"My name is Terry Pratchett and I am the author of a very large number of inexplicably popular fantasy novels.
Contrary to popular belief, fantasy is not about making things up. The world is stuffed full of things. It is almost impossible to invent any more. No, the role of fantasy as defined by G K Chesterton is to take what is normal and everyday and usual and unregarded, and turn it around and show it to the audience from a different direction, so that they look at it once again with new eyes.

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