Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Robert Jordan - Wheel of Time series

Rating: B+ (A+ for Books 1, 2, 3)
The Wheel of Time series is a terrific, all-round fantastic epic story. Most fans, like me, however, no matter how dedicated, usually dropped this series half way. The books generally took a couple of years to write and publish, and right around Book 6 they started getting increasingly complicated in character names and roles. I lost my faith in RJ about 9 books in, and what with all the prequels, just never thought he would work on finishing this series. I wanted completion!! Lots of folks have had issues with RJ, including me, but the books that DO work are so incredibly rich and amazingly written...I would recommend this series only for those readers who like epic fantasy - fans of Malazan Books of the Fallen, George RR Martin, Terry Goodkind.

P.S. This series took  17 years to write so far, and this is a perfect time for the new readers to jump in; at the conclusion. You get to read Brandon Sanderson's brilliant writing and RJ's genius storyline combined.
The books in order are
  1. Eye of the World
  2. The Great Hunt
  3. The Dragon Reborn
  4. The Shadow Rising
  5. The Fires of Heaven
  6. Lord of Chaos
  7. A Crown of Swords
  8. The Path of Daggers
  9. Winter's Heart
  10. Crossroads of Twilight
  11. Knife of Dreams
  12. A Memory of Light (now published in three parts, with Brandon Sanderson): Part 1 - The Gathering Storm
 Wikipedia has all the summaries. For the most part I can only hazily remember the books, and won't be trying to review any of the older works.

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  1. Loved Jordan when I started the series. Having gone through the entire WoT series, I have formulated a criteria I use when picking up a new Fantasy series: has the author has completed the series or not.

    Would HATE starting a fantasy series and the author dying mid way through. :(


  2. Ha ha, Dhar, that is a brilliant criterion. I do see myself using author's age as a factor into starting a new series too :)
    Especially books like this, which are so great and hard to leave.
    Have you read The Gathering Storm? My review for that is next, and as a preview - I am confident that the WoT series is in good hands.
    what did you think of it?

  3. Haven't read The Gathering Storm and have kinda given up on the WoT series. :(

    BTW, do you watch Japanese Anime shows? Manisha and I just love watching these shows.

    Do check out the wikipedia pages for Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Ruroni Kenshin, Full Metal Alchemist etc.

    If you find them interesting, you should visit our place sometime and pick up the series.

  4. Oh I do!! I really enjoy the anime movies I ve seen so far - especially Hayao Miyazaki. I ve seen Death Note (not all), but which one is the best? Will start with that..any movies would be great too, so please recommend :)
    One much delayed visit to either place we shall do :)

  5. Miyazaki is GOD. We have almost all his movies.

    I would suggest you start with Naruto. It is awesome. Everyone I have shared it with has loved it.



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