Friday, August 13, 2010

Top 10-ish Names for the Catchy Name Contest

While the contest is still running for another 2 days (till Aug 15th), I wanted to put up my shortlist of the best names so far - please vote in the comments. Your opinion counts with me!

  1. Kindle your love for reading                - by Laura @
  2. Flipping Pages                                    - by Deepthi & Sanjeev
  3. A Kindle in the Wind                          - by Chandra
  4. Reading under the stars                       - by
  5. Digital Goddess                                  - by Shy (Tag: "A woman. A Kindle. And tons of Book Reviews")
  6. Confessions of a Kindle Junkie            - by Missy @
  7. Geeky Kindle Reviews                        - by Darlyn
  8. e-Volving Books                                 - by Gnoe from
  9. Reading between the lines                    - by Ky @Can't Find a Bookmark
  10. Dog Eared or Electric Reader              - by Ky @Can't Find a Bookmark
  11. Me-reader                                           - by Gnoe from
Of the people who participated,  a lot of votes went to Beyond Words (my suggestion) - though I will still be giving out the winning prize to a real entry.
Just to make this as open as possible - here is the actual form that you and the contestants filled out:

Go check it out! Its open to view by anyone with the link. Do leave a comment with your choice for the Winner!
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  1. Hi

    I'm Kay, with the blog directory you entered a few days ago. You said I should email you, but left no email address :)

    Anyway, I think the better course of action would be for me to wait until your new name gets chosen, and then enter you in the directory, what do you think? After all, two or three days make no difference whatsoever (however if you prefer something else do let me know).

    I'm looking forward to see which of the names gets picked. :)

  2. kindle in the wind or E-Volving books are catchy :)


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