Friday, February 18, 2011

Blogger Spotlight #6 - Alisha!

Alisha @ My Need To Read is our featured blogger. This is one of the best interviews so far, so read on!
Give us an idea of who you are: I'm a native Californian currently residing in the musical capital of Vienna, Austria. The city happens to have one of the biggest cafe cultures (sorry, Seattle)…which lends well to being a bookworm and a fanatic of hot beverages. Score!!!

E-Reader: The now old-school (but classic!) Sony Reader PRS-505. It's still a tough act to beat.

Recent Read?: The Mysterious Lady Law by Robert Appleton. It was such a fun little steampunk tale, old-school mystery style.

A haiku about your blog: So I sort of need to read. A lot. If I don't have a book on me, I'm not happy. But what I don't like is reading in a proverbial vacuum. I love to swap thoughts on books, muse on reading-related topics, and connect with other readers. Thus, My Need To Read.

Did you consider other readers in the market? Why did you pick this one? 

I did do a lot of research. At the time the two biggies were the Amazon Kindle (version 1) and the Sony Reader 505. I really love libraries--borrowing, browsing, connecting with other local readers--and with the expanding e-holdings of these institutions, I wanted to be able to partake. The Kindle didn't allow that, so it was the Sony for me!

What's the top thing you like about it? 

Access to e-libraries, for one. But absolutely the best thing has to be the portability. Given that I'm currently living abroad (and this probably won't be the last time I do), it's such a blessing to keep belongings to a minimum. And for short-term trips? No more extra "book bag!"

When do you read a paper book and when do you pick up an ebook? I still vastly prefer hard copies for reference material. I've learned to embrace using an e-reader for fiction titles…although I will likely always have a problem with leaving a bookstore/library without a having bought or borrowed a book.

Have you transformed your reading style or frequency? For short-term trips, e-readers have made a huge difference. And instead of the previous ritual of visiting the bookstore once a week for a "fix," finding interesting material is now a constant possibility.

If your e-reader could have one magic feature, what would it be? Water-proof reader. Then I could read in swimming pools and other bodies of water…who hasn't wanted to read while scuba-diving? Really, though…I can't wait for color e-ink to become widely available.


Meet and greet Alisha over at  My Need To Read 
(p.s. by Dee - can I just say how much I love *LOVE* this photo of her reading spot?)
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  1. I am new to ur space.. I love the no. of stuffs u do on this blog.. particularly Blogger Hop.. Good to know abt Alisha..

  2. Thank you! I'm open to any suggestions to improve :)


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