Saturday, July 30, 2011

Avatar: The Last Airbender Re-Watch!

This lazy Saturday morning I was looking at for inspiration on blog posts, and discovered that they are halfway through an Avatar: The Last Airbender re-watch.
Now, to some people, this might not be a call to action - but clearly they are not Avatar fans!
Avatar: The Last Airbender (link to Wiki) is an Emmy award-winning animated TV series, with much critical and fan acclaim. Every episode has been carefully drawn and is an emotional and fun journey - while the first few episodes are more whacky and young, we get to meet and grow with the characters.
Aang, the last Airbender, might be the only one left who can battle the vicious Firebender army that wants to conquer the world.
He has help, of course: The Waterbender Katara and her brother Sokka who discover Aang and his flying pet bison.
What is awesome about all the fighting in this anime, is that each technique has roots in actual Chinese Martial Arts, with different styles embodied in different techniques in the anime.
I'm going to re-watch this series, and you should watch the episodes too!
More info from here: Link to re-watch page
Please note that I am only referring to the anime TV series in this post, not the ghastly movie.
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  1. My sister and I have been re-watching the third season of Avatar on Nickelodeon lately. They've had a huge marathon-- with writer commentary! It's awesome to watch the episodes with so much insight into behind-the-scenes and the Avatar world.

    Hope you have fun re-watching the series! :) Too bad the movie *was* so ghastly. It was a huge disappointment to all fans of the show, I think.

  2. About to start the first episode now :D

  3. Would love to have seen it with the writer commentary - that must have added so much more meaning and context to each episode.


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