Thursday, July 21, 2011

News: Ebook covers for the Wheel of Time

The artist for the Final Wheel of Time ebook has been announced! It is Michael Whelan who will be bringing life to the cover of A Memory of Light. (
I got carried away with the awesomeness of the previous covers: You can see the stories and the making of the cover videos here:
Finally, the brilliance of the Towers of Midnight ebook cover in all its glory shows the scene above where Perrin is crafting The Hammer (a fitting name I just made up). The image shows the exact moment when Perrin is done creating this masterpiece, and his eyes seem aflame. You can see the wolf emerging out of the hammer - like Perrin's soul has just united and accepted his wolf. The banner behind him and the war camp scene sets the background part of the image.
My favorite of all the WoT ebook covers so far - this is the perfect scene from the book, at the best angle, with such intense strength in Perrin's eyes.
New to the series? Read my review of the entire series here.
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  1. Ooooh, this would look fabulous on my Nook Color. I love it, it's really beautiful. Now I need to go look up what it's actually about.

  2. Here's my review of this book:
    Review of Towers of Midnight
    It's one of the best in the Wheel of Time series, but you should start from Book 1 :D


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