Saturday, August 13, 2011

Free short stories - Sharon Lee and others

The wonderful Baen Publishing house has a really strong collection of short stories (about 6 so far) which is available in multiple formats. You can either read these online, or download a Kindle-friendly, html, palm, microsoft reader or other device's version.
They are all available FREE!
The stories I'm planning to start off with is Tanya: Princess of the Elves by Larry Correia.

Oh, and Sharon Lee's new Liaden short story, currently available here, will also go into this collection by Monday next.

More about Baen and their philosophy of free here
Click here for a recent review of one of Sharon Lee's magical books, Carousel Tides.
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  1. Thanks for the rec on Baen's free stories and books! I love a bunch of their authors, and this is fantastic. Can't wait to explore the site!


  2. Awesome! Thanks for the link; it looks like there are some stories there that sound pretty interesting. Looking forward to reading them!


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