Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bloggiesta Time - It's time to FIESTA!

PEDRO: Plan. Edit. Develop. Review. Organize.
It's bloggiesta time around here - and I JUST realized it! So I'm late to this weekend, but I can do the event on Sunday, Monday instead. What's Bloggiesta you ask?

The idea behind Bloggiesta is
to spend these next two days working on
(1) perfecting our blogs, and
(2) connecting with other bloggers doing the same thing

My *continously updated* goals:
  1. Back up blog and all the posts (Done! Thanks to S. Leighanne for the know how)
  2. Include twitter/goodreads/pinterest etc buttons (still trying)
  3. Clean up side bar by removing at least 3 widgets (Deleted Blogroll. Removed Communities, Book challenges and moved them to Pages here)
  4. Check blog for dead links
  5.  Add blog and goodreads to my Google+ profile
  6. Can I autopost to Facebook and Google+ ? (Help!)
  7. Prep 5 posts or 10 post ideas for future emergency updates (4 done)
  8. Add to my Amazon reviews (currently 5 are here)
  9. Visit 25 other bloggiesta participants 
  10. Change comment form to in-line with posts (Have also removed the Captcha, feel the difference?)
  11. Participate in 3 mini-challenges (Pinterest challenge & others)
  12. Understand and link Pinterest to blog  -
  13. Get 10 new followers - If you follow me, let me know - I follow back! (2 done)


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  1. There's an old mini challenge at Farmlane books (and also an update on it this time) on backing up your blog...if you haven't already looked at it :) I used it to do mine.

    Happy Bloggiesta

  2. In case you didn't see the comment I replied to, to back up your blog posts, you go into Blogger, go to your settings tab, and then the "other" menu. At the top you'll see where it says export blog. Click that and it downloads a file that has all of your posts in an xml file on your hard drive! It's a good thing to do this periodically.

    Hope that helps! :]

    Also a new subscriber! :]

  3. @lucy - Thanks!

    @Samantha - Oh thats exactly what I did to back ages ago to back up my blog, and since then I've forgotten!! :D Thanks a ton, and I'm following you back!

  4. i am getting distracted too by all the tweets #bloggiesta and by everyone's lists.. yours too!
    am a new subscriber here.. am still considering if i should have a FB page, update my name on my blog

  5. Wow, you've accomplished a lot! I'm impressed!

  6. You can autopost to Facebook with Networked blogs...I have NO idea how to autopost to Google+...if you find a way, let me know! Good luck with everything!

  7. Great job! You're making awesome progress...which is more than I can say about my progress with my blog. Lol.

    In response to your comment on my mini-challenge:
    You can try this scrolling sidebar:
    It has 'share this' social media buttons, and is probably more what you are looking for. Good luck! :)

  8. Great job! The pintrest link is easy! Im still struggling with the other links

  9. @Lady in Read - I'm following you back!

    @Parole - Thanks, I liked your website too.

    @Jacinda - G+ lets u autopost once you merge the blog (on blogger) to your Google+ account using the Settings feature in the blog Design area.

    @Penelope - thats a good link, thank you :)

    @Fiction - I totally agree, pinterest was the only easy one so far. A good way to get started and build momentum before tackling the others.


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