Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pinterest now the Third most popular Social site!

Follow Me on PinterestLaunched in March 2010, Pinterest is a now familiar online sight - but far more so now than even 6 months ago.
For myself, I only heard about it a couple of months ago, and then waited for an invite before logging in via twitter. But in those two months (Jan-Feb '12), Pinterest grew by 50%!
Clearly, this image sharing site is a Phenomenon.

Why is it so popular?
Nothing like facebook, it focuses purely on interests
Hobbies, Crafts, Fashion, Home are the widest categories, and what's better than getting to connect with friends on mutual interests? The average pinterest user spends 20 min a day on the site, which is much more than the average time on twitter or facebook.
Why do you use Pinterest? What's your best board? Have you linked your IRL friends on it, via facebook?
For more book-related pinning, go here.

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Pinterest Is Now the Third Most Popular Social Network in the U.S. (Social times)

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