Saturday, June 9, 2012

New Harry Potter material released in a video game!

The latest news - J.K. Rowling has written bits and pieces of stories from the Harry Potter universe, into a new format of "augmented-reality reading" that is supposed to make reading a richer, more interactive experience.

Released as Wonderbook, Book of Spells: 

What's interesting is that the gaming industry is in a bit of a limbo right now; with everyone in a waiting mode to see what the next new innovation in gaming tech will be - could this "reading++" experience(I'm coining words, now) be it?

More details:
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  1. Augmented-reality reading - really? Sorry but I'm not convinced. If I were a more cynical being I might even think this was just another money making scheme.

  2. Haha, who knows what and where technology might take us next...I'll give them props for being very smart about using Harry Potter to get over the initial trial barrier.
    I'd give it a go myself just to get the backstories to the spells mentioned in that ad copy.


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