Saturday, August 28, 2010

Winner Announced for The Catchy Name contest!

Congrats Gnoe Gnoe!
The Winner is finally here!
I know I should have been faster, but I found it really hard to chose a winning name out of all the great entries for The Catchy Name Contest!
Thanks again for all the great names, I wish I could have given the top suggestions more than 1 prize.
Gnoe gets the $10 certificate from The Book Depo or the Slient Blade (ebook) 


A special mention goes out to 'Dog Eared' and 'Reading between the Lines' by Ky @Can't Find a Bookmark
The other top entries were 'Flipping Pages' by Deepthi and Sanjeev, 'A Kindle in the Wind' by Chandra.
See, now you can see how tough this choice was!!
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  1. A difficult choice indeed! And I'm honoured you finally chose mine. Glad to have been of help and thanks so much for the contest - it was fun! And I got a great prize out of it too :))

  2. haha thanks !! Im just off to Book Depo to buy it now :) Will mail you the details of dispatch etc.


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