Thursday, September 23, 2010

Multiplying Like Rabbits

I'm talking about ebook readers!

Not only are there a plethora of e-readers on the market, now you can buy them for as low as $99
We are also going to see a lot of color coming into dedicated e-readers:
  1. The NYT article is here, talking about Literati, planned pricing at $159, coming in October; However, This is one of just many! 
  2. The buzz is that "Cool-er Reader", which went off the market, is re-launching with 5 products, tailored for different pockets. At least one of these will include a color reader.
  3. We can also expect a 5-inch $99 device from Copia due this fall.  With color, 2 GB of memory, it seems to make a basic reader. The only problem could be the 4 hour battery life - who wants to be plugged into a socket while reading? How many people will be able to charge the reader every day? For myself, battery life has to be the Number ONE most important factor in deciding which ebook reader to buy.
  4. Pandigital also has an ebook reader, which plugs into the B&N book site and comes with a color screen.
Given the challenges that this market is going to face (the early adopters who first bought the Kindle are done buying) and the intense competition we are going to see, the best thing for us users would be to 
  • Buy shares in the company making the E-Ink technology most e-readers use and
  • Celebrate the decreasing cost of e-readers and probably ebooks!
Bring on the Price Wars!
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  1. Interesting stuff! I work at Barnes & Noble and the big focus is on e-books and e-readers now... exciting times!

  2. Still not convinced, I prefer my reading to be done the old fashioned way but then again we only have so much space for book shelves. Thanks for an informative post.

  3. :) Thanks !
    @Emily - Ohhh I would love to interview you about the Nook sometime, just to get your opinion.

    @Petty - you are right, there are different ways to read, and I enjoy both!

  4. I haven't bought an e-reader yet - mainly the price, but also because I love the tactile experience of the book. I also enjoy looking at the covers, quite often while of course being able to view the covers and other details in full color would be very important to me. I was surprised to learn that with all the money they were charging that these things are black and white. How utterly lame. It's not like we're living in the 1950's for god's sakes. It's apparent that they makers were saving the color screens for a second wave of e-reader, the "new and improved".

    I think I've just talked myself OUT of buying an e-reader! lol

    I think I'll stick to a small netbook for my e-reading.

  5. @Mardel - To each her own! I would use both :D but that's just me, and I hate running out of book while on a trip.

  6. I'm trying to decide on a reader. How did you choose yours? If there's a post where you address this I'd be happy to be redirected. :D

  7. Interesting to know so many e-readers in the market. It never pays to be an early adopter of any new technology...learnt it the hard way :)


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