Monday, June 27, 2011

Blogs that no longer post - what's to be done?

This morning I did some blog cleanup - unsubscribed from a few blogs, reconfigured my feedreader to point to some blogs that moved. I must say I feel rather guilty - I promise each one of my followers that I would follow back, and I DO! However, if a month goes by with no updates, is that a sign?

I had some blogs that were dead since early this year - those had to go!
What time-frame with No updates do you use?
If you haven't subscribed to E-Volving Books, the link is to the right! That should add it both to Google Friend Connect, and to your FeedReader, if it is Google Reader.
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  1. I've seen several blogs go off the air completely--the blog authors wrote posts saying they were leaving, or (this happened relatively recently) the blog author passed away. But if there's no word at all, I usually let the blog sit for around half a year, then take it off my follower list. Even so, I still feel guilty about it.

  2. Yes, pruning your blog list is never easy or pleasant but if for, say, six months a blogger doesn't post anything and doesn't offer any explanation why what could be done...

  3. This is a hard decision to make. I usually go through all my feeds in Google Reader a couple of times a year and remove any that haven't posted in a couple of months. I was just thinking that it was about time to do this.

    I really wouldn't need to delete any. If they aren't posting they aren't filling up my reader anyway but it does make my reader tidier to eliminate dead blogs.

  4. I don't have a hard-and-fast rule that I stick to. Most of the time I don't even notice which blogs aren't posting anymore because I follow so many at this point, and I'm more caught up with blogs that are posting than ones that aren't.

    That being said, though, it probably wouldn't hurt for me to go and clear out any of the blogs that haven't had any updates for a couple of months...

  5. I think its good for everyone to do a little blog maintenace every once in a while. No need keeping broken links, or cluttering the blogroll with sites that rarely or never update. Sometimes life gets the best of us, and those left in the blogoshpere have to move on!

  6. I had to do some trimming for similar reasons, too. What also hurts a bit is unsubscribing from some (not many!) blogs that are going in a different direction than expected, especially doing a lot of reading in genres that don't interest me. It's tough but I think it's more manageable to trim your blog list back to the ones you follow the most.

  7. Me too, every one in a while when I've found myself subscribing to too many blogs, some will have to go, starting with blogs which have not any updates in a few months ...

  8. @Eagle - I feel guilty too!

    @anachronist - 6 months seems to be a solid timeline to take..

    @Kathy - Great point, they dont really clutter my reader up, so I can wait out 6 months or so.

    @Jade - Moving on, that makes me feel better

    @Teacher - I haven't usually deleted blogs for that reason, but I do skip a lot of blogs that don't really do anything but memes...perhaps I should put your idea of trimming to use.

    @Kah Wooei - Thanks :)

  9. I also keep updating my blog list and keep it pruning..
    I have been ur follower for quite sometimes now.. Mostly I am a silent reader:-)


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