Monday, June 13, 2011

Help from another blogger?

I realized recently that my blog header image doesn't always open the same on other browsers. The Problem:
I've tested my blog's header on Firefox and Safari, and things seem fine - I can see the header image of the Kindle and pencil juxtaposed, and all my posts are on one screen, visible as the page loads (no right-scrolling needed).
On Windows Explorer, the Header image seems oddly extending beyond the image area and into the right-side bar where I have contact info, follower bar, and recent posts.

If you are reading this, do you mind telling me what browser you are using, and if you are able to see this blog without scrolling to the right?
Can someone help me figure how to fix this?
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  1. Seems ok on Firefox 4.x but image extended on IE 8.0..

  2. Looks right on Firefox but not on Explorer. Perhaps you should crop the image to your desirable size so that it would look great on either browser?

  3. I am using Google Chrome and everything is peachy - no need to scrol to the right, the header is shown as it should be, right in the middle.

    Solution: delete Internet Explorer from your comp. ;) Quick and easy. I haven't used it for ages and I really don't see why I should.

  4. haha - thanks everyone :)
    It looks like Explorer is the issue here.
    @anachronist - I don't have explorer on my mac, which is why I discovered the problem a good 6 months after my blog began!!

  5. Everything looks okay on my browser--Google Chrome.

  6. I'm using IE8 on my work computer (no choice) and yes it's extended and silly looking.

    Of course you can not worry about IE as anachronist suggests but you probably are excluding a large chunk of users - I know IE is very passe among the tech world but for lots of people working in large organisations (many of whom use work computers at home too) there is no alternative as we are not permitted to download alternative browsers however much we would like to :(


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