Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sneak Preview of new Brandon Sanderson novel!

The amazing has the first two chapters of Brandon Sanderson's sequel to the Mistborn novel. The Law of Alloy, to be released in November, is set in a time much after Vin and Co, where our heroine is remembered as a God.
Rumors say that this novel will also unveil at least 1 new Alloy used by the Allomancers.
Quoting from the prologue:
"Today, the dead town seemed completely empty, though he knew it wasn’t so. Wax had come here hunting a psychopath. And he wasn’t the only one."
If you haven't read Brandon Sanderson before, he has a free novel on his website - and aside from the Robert Jordan/Wheel of Time books, has established a new epic in The Way of Kings: My review here
Read the prologue and Chapter 1 at TOR here: The Alloy of Law (excerpt)
More excerpts will be out on Tor from the book over the next few months.
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