Saturday, June 12, 2010

Diana Holquist

Grade: A
Diana Holquist debuted with Make Me a Match, where she writes the story of the eldest of 3 sisters in a very dysfunctional family. The sisters are a quarter Gypsy by blood, and the most wild of them, Amy, has the power to hear the name of a person's True Love on physical contact. She has no qualms in playing up this ability, and survives on con games and luck. The eldest sister Cecilia is a repressed doctor, and the youngest has been missing for several years.
Make Me a MatchSexiest Man Alive (Warner Forever)Hungry for More

Make Me a Match is such a light-hearted comedy, not a typical romantic book. It has some intrigue, a lot of humor, and really interesting characters.
Sexiest Man Alive is the story of the youngest sister, who is painfully shy around men. Her inability to have a conversation with a good-looking guy is so funny to read! She also runs out of interviews (which is secretly something I would so have loved to do at some point!) and still manages to run a successful business.
Hungry for More follows Amy, with the mystical power, as she proceeds to lose her magic, and struggle between choosing True Love or recovering her talent. With a very sexy chef, and plenty of delicious cooking, this book is for the foodie reader.
Many thanks to the talented author Alice of for her intriguing teaser on Teaser Tuesday, which lead to this entertaining find!
What else is there to be said? If you would like to read one of those rare books that are so refreshingly fun to read, and still a good romance novel (a rare find these days), you could pick up a Diana Holquist!
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