Sunday, December 12, 2010

Publishing News: Amazon gives larger share of revenue on ebooks

News: Ebooks can now make more money for Publishers!
There are some qualifiers to this edict:
  • Customers should be able to read the title on all Kindle devices and applications.
  • Customers can read the title in all geographies for which the publisher has rights.
If your ebook falls under these rules (amongst others), then up to 70% of the income now goes to the publisher.
While ebook growth in sales has been phenomenal (the report stated 180% for the year) the total market share works out to $120 Million, Q3 2010 (IDPF Website).
This is still just under 10% for a Publisher, but the profit per ebook going up will bring some additional focus on this channel for sales and promotions.
(More on that later)
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  1. Interesting. How does this compare to paper books. I don't know how much the author gets from those.

    In the UK we have to pay tax on ebooks, but not on paper books. I find that very strange too.

  2. Wow, no tax on paper books???? I'm so jealous right now.

    The reason probably is that ebooks are 'electronic media' (like DVDs) and so get taxed under that bracket.

  3. Hmm, this is really interesting, I might have to go read the article. I don't have an ereader yet, do yoU?


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