Thursday, December 23, 2010

Two important Words: "You" and "Because"

This is my first article about blogging - I don't know if this would be a regular feature here (That depends on you!)
Most of us want to be better bloggers and keep readers interested, and here are two ways how:
  • Use "You" in the title: Keeping more "you"s than "I" in your blog post makes it more interesting, because then the reader is the focus of the post
  • "Because" is another word that research indicates is a 'trigger' for readers/listeners. The reason why is not as important as making sure that there is a reason given.

Oh hey, one last thing - a study of 150,000 blogs discovered (to no surprise) that the most commented on blogs had two words in common:
'Giveaway' and 'Jobs'
What are the blogposts you comment on?
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  1. The title of the post must be interesting for sure but not necessarily always including "you" or "because"...Giveaways appeal to me moderately (it depends on the objects you are bound to get).

  2. Yup, I get your point - These words are just what seems to trigger reactions in readers more than average.

  3. I comment on a lot of writing posts, and book-oriented posts if the review interests me or it's part of a meme (like TT). I don't enter giveaways that have to do with physical stuff (I'm uncomfortable with sending someone information), but I do enter those for critiques, blog stuff, etc. And I comment on posts about a person's life, as long as I can find something that I can relate to/sympathize with.


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