Thursday, December 16, 2010

What does your bookcase look like? Here's Mine!

Being installed by the carpenter
The big event of my day is getting bookshelves installed in our apartment.
To answer some of the questions you might have:

  • Yes, we had NO bookcases
  • Yes, some people do live like that (i.e. my husband)
My books being stacked!

A Close Peek into what I buy

I have a fairly small collection - a lot of books had to be given away when I moved to the US and back again. Got to get some more books to fill these up, right?

I've also turned to my Kindle for newer books.

I've shown you mine, now show me yours!

Link to photos of your books, bookshelves, or write a post about your bookcases and let me know. I will add links at the bottom of this post to you!
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  1. You have to win the award for the most tidiest shelves ever. I know what you mean about having to get rid of lots of books, there really is nothing like moving house to encourage you to have a real clean out.

  2. These shelves still look bare, and thats probably why they are so tidy now :)

  3. Our bookshelves (we have over 10 of them--LOL) are nowhere near that neat! I love the way yours are set up with the zig-zag style.

  4. Your shelves look great! My husband just built me some shelves. You can see them here.

  5. Bookshelves - bah I just use the edges of the stairs...I have books stacked all the way up on the outside of the railing...well thats because I ran out of room on my bookshelves! lol..Yours look awesome. Cool idea I'll take some pics of mine.

  6. @Everyone - Thanks!
    @Golden Eagle - The design for the shelves was something I thought about a lot, and went through several papers and sites to finalize on.
    @aj - I love your bookcase! the arrangement of the books is stellar.

    @Heidi - LOL , you rock! do send those photos, I'll feature them in a new post :)

  7. I agree with Petty, neatest bookshelf ever unless you have a whole ton of books waiting to be stacked on them...

    I have my books stacked two rows deep on my shelves and I still don't have enough room. I dream of one day owning a huge room just to stack my books in with ceiling to floor bookshelves covering every wall.

    I'm scared of showing a photo of the mess that the bookshelves are in so I'm not going to >.>

    Also, Foundation is nice to read for Valdemar fans because it's just nice to have a story in the world again after a long hiatus ^.^

    Sniffly Kitty
    Sniffly Kitty's Mostly Books
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