Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blog Traffic - Twitter and new links

I've noticed that my two biggest sources of blog traffic, aside from other bloggers, are Twitter and more recently, Stumbleupon.
You might notice that I've added (at the end of each blog post), a new stumbleupon button.
Some very generous soul submitted my blog to Stumbleupon, and I wanted to actively encourage that.
Do you think the button as it currently is will be visible and easy to click?
Where do you think it could be placed, instead?

If you want to also have this Stumbleupon feature on your blog, I can post a "how to" tomorrow.
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  1. Maybe you'll want to place a twitter button to your website. Just marked down this site, but I had to do this by hand. Just my 2 cents.

  2. There is a twitter button on each post (right at the top) so retweeting should be easy.
    But I take your point, and will add a twitter button to the right column to make it more visible.


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