Monday, April 4, 2011

2011 Man Booker Prize results - Final 13!

The weekend brought the Thirteen finalists for the famous Man Booker International Prize:

  • Wang Anyi (China)
  • Juan Goytisolo (Spain)
  • James Kelman (UK)
  • John le CarrĂ© (UK)
  • Amin Maalouf (Lebanon)
  • David Malouf (Australia)
  • Dacia Maraini (Italy)
  • Rohinton Mistry (India/Canada)
  • Philip Pullman (UK)
  • Marilynne Robinson (USA)
  • Philip Roth (USA)
  • Su Tong (China)
  • Anne Tyler (USA) 
There's only a few I've read here (Carre, Pullman, Roth) so I'd love for book recommendations. Who would you read first and why?
The last Booker winner I read was Aravind Adiga's The White Tiger.Alice Munro is the only past winner on this list (I'm not sure if I've read her or not).

In other gossip, John Le Carre has asked to be removed from consideration so that other lesser known authors can win!! Cool guy, that.
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  1. I've read Pullman and Roth too. But also Anne Tyler. I love her books. If you haven't read her yet, go for The Ladder of Years or a Patchwork Planet.

  2. I've read everything by Rohinton Mistry, and would suggest "A Fine Balance". It is fascinating, and you will feel you've traveled to India without leaving your chair. As an aside, I lent this book to a non-reader friend, and INSISTED she read two chapters. She of course devoured the entire thing, and is converted to a regular reader. Yay!

    Agree too with Lauracea, that you can't go wrong with anything by Anne Tyler.


  3. Now I've just realized you actually ARE in India! Would love to hear your opinion on "A Fine Balance". I'm in Canada, so for me, it was an epic journey.


  4. Erin,
    Great suggestions - I am looking for Anne Tyler books, and spotted Rohinton Mistry in my library.
    Here goes!


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