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Blogger Spotlight #7 - Lindsay Cox from The Violet Hour

We took a break from the Blogger Spotlight, but its BACK!
Introducing *drumroll, please* Lindsay Cox from
Give us an idea of who you are: I'm 26, and have been married for almost 7 years. I'm a hair stylist, and my husband and I live in a small town in West Virginia.
We are both crazy bookworms, and had accumulated so many books (lost count at around 300) that we've had to downsize our "bookstore", and keep/buy only books we love. With the eReader, we don't have to worry about books taking up so much space!

E-Reader: Kindle (3rd Generation)
A Recent Read: The Iron Daughter by Julia Kagawa. It was FANTASTIC. Meet my reading buddy, Stella!
About your blog: I borrowed the name from a song that had been stuck in my head for a few weeks, The Violet Hour by Sea Wolf.
I've read paranormal/horror books since I was a kid. (Goosebumps and Fear Street, anyone?) None of my friends read very much, and if they do, it's not 'my genre', so blogging about what I'm reading is my outlet to talk about books.

Meet Stella, Lindsay's reading buddy!

Did you consider other readers in the market? Why did you pick the Kindle 3
My main two focuses were the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes&Noble Nook. Both sound great, and have a lot of the same features.

I based my decision on a few things:
  • price ($139)
  • physicality of the device (Kindle is 7.5″ x 4.8″ x 0.335" and weighs 8.7 ounces. Nook is much heavier at 12.1 ounces.)
  • screen contrast and glare (reported 30%-35% less glare than Nook)
  • battery life (The Kindles battery lasts up to a month before needing recharged, with wireless off or minimally used.)
  • cheaper, wider range of books
  • eInk technology and faster page turns
At the time, the Kindle 3 was the newer of the two eReaders. The color and touchscreen are big selling points with people for the Nook, but I wanted something that felt, as much as possible, like I was reading an actual book. I like simple.

What's the top thing you like about it?
I love how thin and light my Kindle is! Even though I carry a huge purse, a bulky hardcover took up too much room and was very awkward to haul around all the time. Especially on vacation when we'd have 5 or 6 books each!

When do you read a paper book and when do you pick up an ebook?
I read it at work in between appointments, while traveling, pretty much any chance I get. I normally save the paper books for when I'm at home simply because of the size and weight of the book. If it's a really good story, though, it goes in my purse along with the Kindle lol.

Have you transformed your reading style or frequency?
I don't think my reading style has changed, but frequency has increased. The Kindle also offers text-to-speech, so I can listen to my book while I'm cooking or cleaning. The 'voice' is a little funny sometimes, but not that big of a bother to me.

Meet and greet Lindsay over at
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  1. Thank you for having me! I had a lot of fun answering the questions! I hope this can help someone that's interested in an eReader =)

  2. I hope so too, and I know a few people that have been influenced by this blog and my persuasion :D

    I love hearing about all the different ways we use our Kindles and ereaders!

  3. Lindsay - how nice you were in the spotlight today. I love this feature Deepali!

    Did you see that great deal on Kindle today - $114.00 with ads on the screensaver? I'm almost ready to jump. I am a first generation Kindle user and I think I'm ready for my 2nd one.

  4. Thanks BookBelle :)
    Wow, amazing deal - I got an email about it, so I'm checking it out...purely out of interest, not going to buy it :P

  5. This spotlight is a great idea. Thanks for sharing.


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