Thursday, April 21, 2011

The wonderful people at Penguin have come up with some interesting innovations around Book Jackets. Finally, a breath of fresh air in this industry! A publisher that seems to be open to ideas, and experiments.
What am I talking about?
This is a CRAZY COOL concept - have an artist design covers around some great books, and relaunch said books (with some extras like new forewords). Penguin Threads is an intriguing concept, and they've certainly picked some crowd-pleaser classics for the launch. Black Beauty, Emma and The Secret Garden, all childhood/teen favorites of mine, and of many others.
Penguin has commissioned Jillian Tamaki to design these covers, and hand-stitch them. We get that you and I can't buy a hand-stitched book jacket, but the mass-produced one still looks to be a gem!
I've never seen these in India yet, book jackets tend to be just for show on shelves. Maybe there should be a campaign around showing off your book jacket via Facebook/social media?
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  1. I can admire the very feminine style on "Emma", but when I see the new cover art for "Black Beauty", my mind keeps telling me that from that style, it's probably going to be a horror thriller of some kind...

  2. Well, to be fair, wasn't Black Beauty a path breaking novel for its time? It did talk in detail about the horrors that old horses get into, and the workhorse life....

  3. Hi Deepali,

    What a fantastic concept, I hope that they are a real success for Jillian.

    I took a look at your link to her site and was in awe at the workmanship involved, my embroidery is put very much to shame!!

    I preferred the 'Black Beauty' cover, out of the two you highlighted, the flowing movement is captured so well.


  4. We should live and learn, but by the time we've learned, it's too late to live.

  5. Oh, so beautiful! I love, love, love them! Especially Black Beauty. And you are so right about Black Beauty: I can't read that book without feeling sick about how the horses are treated...


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