Thursday, April 28, 2011

For all the aspiring authors out there - Avoid Publicide

The recent months have been filled with author mails asking me to review their books. I'm interested in the self-publishing phenomenon, so I was thinking of all the possible road-bumps in the path to actually getting a good book out there. There are plenty of self-doubts one goes through while doing anything, so publishing your own novel must be extra hard!
Here is a super article called "Publicide" on common mistakes made by new and self-published authors:
I'd recommend you check it out, the remarks are pretty funny!

Sample quotes from the article:
"10. Failing to secure a way for the world to buy the book besides one’s own website. There are currently 4 billion websites—how will your buyer find you? A basic Amazon Advantage account is a start. Acquiring Baker & Taylor as a wholesaler is better. In some cases, getting a distributor for the book is best. Also Death by Supply Chain."
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Oh, and for a Pick-me-up, all you aspiring authors and self-publishing gurus should know that these authors also self-published:

Edgar Allen Poe, Beatrix Potter, Margaret Atwood, Virginia Woolf.
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  1. Definitely interesting. Thanks for the link!

  2. Okay, the above comment was supposed to link to my website and not my Google account, but apparently Google's having trouble recognizing which radio button is actually selected today...

  3. Haha Ria - Ill visit via your profile page :)


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