Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fantastic thought for the day

The very nice site over at BookishGal had this super post on book-related tidbits - unusual bookcases in this case. She also linked to this poster , which is a brilliant thought for the day.

Credits - created by, and linked to here at, and re-promoted at the Yay! Everyday site
Phew! Hope I got all the credits right..

Do you read more books than blogs? comment away!
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  1. Isn't that the greatest site?? I could spend days there, and at the blogs it leads me to.

    Which, of course, would mean I'd be reading more blogs than books, ha!

    The nice thing about reading blogs is that a single blog entry takes way less time to read than a book, even if you visit the blog every day. So you're inevitably going to read more blogs than books, when it comes to numbers.

    There's my rationalization. *grin*

  2. Many thanks for reblogging!
    Unfortunately I am not the creator of this very nice Artwork.
    I found it here:


    P.S. I also like books :)

  3. @Phyl - haha! I would compare one blog post is akin to a single chapter in a book?
    Thats more my rationalization :)

    @sbntwrk - thanks for the creator link! I will include both in the credits.

  4. Actually I read more blogs than books. I usually read 3 books, but I have more blogs than that to look at.

  5. there's no way one blog = one book!
    Just thinking about the work involved in making a book, months and months of effort in editing/scripts/re-writes, it is clear that a blog ought to be compared differently!
    So Page, keep up the great reading - whether it be books or blogs :)

  6. I love that poster! Very cool!

    I certainly read more books than blogs. I follow only a few blogs and those blogs are almost all book blogs that might point me to a new book to read. I'm a readaholic. I love my books. Reading on the computer (anything, books, blogs, etc.) is not the same as having a book to read.

    --Ashley (Bookaholic Does Blogging)


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