Monday, July 26, 2010

The Catchy Name Contest!

This book blog is just over two months old now, and I need YOU to help me name it.
I used a place-holder sort of name when I created it, and since I am not the most creative person, I can't come up with anything better now. The best way to do this, is to turn it over to you - my genius reader.
In India, this Naming Ceremony for babies is a very important day-long event, with about 50 people attending and celebrated with prayers, food, friends and family. Thats pretty much the number of reads I'm seeing, so it looks like this is the right time to have my first contest.
Just to give you some starting ideas, I came up with some sample names while in that dreamy state of waking up this morning -
  • Kindle Reader,
  • Bookworks,
  • Beyond Words.
I know you can do MUCH BETTER!
Silent Blade

The Winner gets any book of their choice under $10 from The Book Depository.

If you live in a place where they don't ship (like India), prize is the ebook Silent Blade, by Ilona Andrews. This is the first book I purchased for my Kindle :) 

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  1. I'm not so good with name but I just try. Thanks ;p

  2. Thanks Darlyn! I thought your name suggestion was pretty good :) Feel free to come back and try again..there is no limit to the number of entries allowed per person

  3. A Deepli Rapt Alphabet-o-Phile

    Really couldn't come up with a better use of the left over a and p.


  4. You are right! Chandra, there is no submit button here...How do I get suggestions then?

  5. Just give it a shot! Hope you'd eventually found the one that suits you best =)

  6. Hi Deepali,

    Giving it a shot as well! I would like to advise you not to cling too much to the Kindle in your blog name, because you never know what the future will bring you. Digital (r)evolution goes rrrreally fast!

  7. If I think of anything else I'll be sure to share! Lolz. Good luck!

  8. Cool contest. Hope you find a great blog name.

    Hope you enjoy your weekend with some reading!

    The Unread Reader

  9. @gnoegnoe - you are so right! One day, perhaps not too long from now, the kindle too will become obsolete. Perhaps I should be more long-term in my blog names...Will see your suggestion :)

    @Ky - Thanks :)

    @Missy - You rock! Thanks for the post about this contest, I see a lot of people from your blog :) Will let u know how many exactly looked at this contest if you are interested!

  10. Hey Deepali!
    I am so glad to see a book blogger from India!
    I just started my own blog. Please stop by if you can. Thank you



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