Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Update and Review: Twice Bitten, Chicagoland Vampires by Chloe Neill

Chicagoland Vampires: Book 3
Released: July 6th, 2010
Excerpt: " You'll recall he wanted to speak about security arrangements for the convocation?"
I nodded. Gabriel had mentioned it when he'd dropped by a week ago. 
"As it turns out, you were the security arrangement." I blanched. "I'm the security arrangement? What does that mean?" Ethan took another drink before recapping the bottle. "It means, Sentinel", that we are throwing you to the wolves."

 I'm really looking forward to this book, as this is first book where we get a good look at the other supernatural species in Chloe Neill's world, the shapeshifters.

Plus: I really liked the new Alpha who was introduced here, thankfully not bringing in a love triangle (I eternally fear this from my days reading Anita Blake). The book is unusually self-aware i..e Our intrepid heroine's dialogue includes references to Urban Fantasy lit, and even popular authors. The snarky comments, the great action scenes keep the book lively and fun to read.
Minus: Not a lot. I had some trouble getting into the book, got distracted easily (for which I entirely blame myself). Once I committed to finishing it last weekend, the pages flew by, and there was good reason to sleep late.
Overall: Chloe Neill is worth picking up, and thankfully is not holding to the genre's trite stereotypes. Her book is a breath of fresh air, and promises to be a solid start to a long career!
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