Saturday, October 16, 2010

Are you an ebook fan, or do you read paper books?

In the last 2-3 years, the world of reading has simply EXPLODED.
There is more buzz around reading than ever before. People that haven't had time to read because of their busy lives have begun to pick up books again. The major reason for most of these born-again readers is getting an e-book reader, or perhaps reading books from the Harry Potter series or YA revival, or maybe even getting swept into the excitement we are seeing!
It is easier than ever now to find books, have them delivered almost anywhere, and read them in a format you choose.
With all these choices, what do you do?
Have you read a book on your laptop, cellphone, or any other device?
Was the convenience the selling factor?
Do you remember which book it was?
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  1. I bought a Kindle to read and review books on. Although the initial expense is an investment, books are cheaper in ebook format and it is also less expensive for publishers and authors to send works for review. That being said, I am also an author and I find that most reviewers don't/won't review ebooks. I can't seem to give away electronic copies. So I asked the question "Why." #1 reason: people want to hold a real book and turn pages #2 don't want to read on a screen and #3 cost of device. Admittedly, I too prefer a paperback if offered.


  2. No e-reader, no iphone. Probably one of the only people in my age group (mid-late teens) who don't have anything Apple. I'm serious.

    Anyway, I've read about 5 books on computer. I'm too used to print books though. I love it all so much. Flicking through the pages, feeling the cover, just the way it FEELS gives me the impression that it's the only right way to read books. :P

  3. I don't have an e-reader so I've tried reading them on my notebook or desktop. But I tend to give up before I'm through because it's simply too tiring lugging the notebook around or sitting for hours at the desktop.

  4. I don't own any e-reader either and I don't know whether I would like to acquire one. I've read several e-books and I found the experience lacking and rather straining my eyes. I still prefer paper novels but who knows...

  5. I don't have an e-reader, and I read all my books on paper. I'm not sure I'd want an e-reader, actually--there's something nice about a heavy, turn-the-pages book.

  6. A proper book fan through and through though I would never say never to an e-book as I can see one or two attractions to them BUT still the smell, the feel of a book in your hand - wonderful.

    Yes, I'm interested in your blogger profile.

  7. I started off with a kindle about a year and a half ago, and while I do read other books -- especially books I have won:-) I much prefer an e reader. With blogging now I use a Kindle, an I pad and my lap top, But, the Kindle is feeling a bit lonely. I do still use it as my primary gym reading device as the IPad is too expensive to risk and a notebook wouldn't be useful. I can't imagine reading on an Iphone or Ipod.

    Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust
    twitter: @fangswandsfairy

  8. I owned an eReader for about a month, but it was glitchy so I returned it. Even though the eReader was glitchy, I did enjoy the experience and wouldn't mind having a Kindle.

    However, I still prefer print books. I love filling bookshelves. For me, it's like artwork.

    As far as price, I've found little difference between print and eFormat of books offered by traditional publishers. So, I don't see the cost benefit analysis in my favor. The few books only available in eFormat, I now read on my laptop. And yes, that's a pain. :)

  9. I preffer printed books ,but ebooks is cool too...

  10. I tend to read in e-Book and printed formats. It's a nice to carry a lot of different reads around on the reader as I never know what my reading mood will be. But there is still a love for holding that printed book and turning the pages.

  11. @Jennifer, @steph - Go ebooks! :)
    Glad to know that you are enjoying the advantages of ereaders - and yes, books are always going to be around as well..

    It is so interesting to hear from all of you about how you like to read! Just so varied. It does seem like the texture of paper is the one big requirement of enjoying your reading for a lot of people.

  12. I much prefer paper. I stare at a computer most of the day so, when I finally have a chance to relax, the last thing I want to do is stare at an e-reader.

  13. @sylvereapleanan - You have a point! I use a mac pro at home, so I do enjoy surfing at night :)

  14. I have read Fountain Head on my old cell phone (Nokia 3230) about two years ago. The reason for this was that I could easily read it at work and I could carry it around.

    I don't have a Kindle, but I do use ebooks a lot on my laptop. Especially a difficult to get book or a book I am not sure I want to buy.

    That said, ultimately I still like a good book that I can read when curled up in my bed with a hot cup of tea.

  15. @Kripal - that is a LARGE book to be reading on a phone!! I always thought I should pick shorted books for this kind of reading, glad to know you managed this feat.
    Always, ebooks in India are the best way to get faster access to books that are delaying their international release or not releasing at all.


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