Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Trailer - Towers of Midnight (a.k.a Most Anticipated Book of the Year)

The regular old-timers on this blog know that I have long been a fan of Robert Jordan's (my review of the Wheel of Time is linked there). When The Gathering Storm, Book 12, came out, I read it with bated breath, and reviewed it in detail. I read Brandon Sanderson's entire Mistborn series to understand his writing style, and it paid off when TGS was released. Now, I am loyal to both authors, independently and together. 

That is why I am SO excited about Towers of Midnight - the penultimate book in the Wheel of Time series!! I have this on pre-order for my birthday.
Here is the Trailer, and the Making of the Trailer (after the break)

Watch the 'Making of' this video here, including story boarding and the pitch. Aren't these live-action book trailers amazing? I can't wait to see Moraine back, and it looks like the Towers of Ghenji play a big part in the rescue - exciting!
This is classic EPIC Fantasy for those who are seriously into world-building novels. 
Are you waiting for this too?
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  1. This post is all the more reason you should get this book the day it releases :)

  2. Ahh, I haven't yet made the plunge into the WoT series :) It's a pretty big commitment! I definitely want to get into it sometime...

  3. @Rohit - I am just buying into the pre-release hype, we can order the slow shipping one, Really!!
    The wait is good, and I can read on the flight back :)

    @Emily - It is a big commitment, I feel the same way about GRRM's books - I'm starting in the 2nd one in his series now, but it is a bit reluctantly read.

  4. I really need to start this sounds (and looks) fantastic! :)

  5. Oh, Wow... guess the time to re-read this series is approaching. :-)

  6. @Melissa - Do start, and remind me of why I began loving this so much.
    I'm actually contemplating a re-read, given that so many things have changed since I began this series 12 years ago.

    @Kah Woei - Want to do the re-read together? :) I know even Brandon Sanderson pushed the FINAL book out by 4 months cause he decided to re-read the series as well!!


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