Sunday, October 3, 2010

September Roundup - Thanks to You!

We went from about 600 visits to 900+ (Woot!). 
Blogger Stats show that my Sept visits were at 1696! (I still don't know why Blogger vs. Google Analytics is different)
Page views went up by 20% as well, so I just want to thank you all for visiting and reading!

Reviews/Interesting Posts:
Skins for your ebook reader - style over substance... (I've bought super skins here myself)

If you need a laugh - Medieval copyright Protection is a good way to relax!

Also, in the interests of this week's blogger hop question - 
it looks like the Friday Hop, Twitter and Teaser Tuesdays are the biggest connectors.
A big heartfelt THANK YOU shoutout to all the lovely people who are reading my blog 
and are bloggers themselves.
It is so much fun getting to know you all!
Remember, I Follow Back. 

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  1. Congrats on your current achievement! I'm pretty sure that there are more visitors to come =)

  2. I just started using Google Analytics last week. It is incredibly addicting. I wish I'd figured it out earlier. I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to post the code, despite all the help sites I looked at. I'm thinking of writing a really detailed "any idiot can do this" post on how to set up Google Analytics. I could've used it.

  3. Congrats Deepali! I am sure you will have more visitors!

  4. @Shy, @Misha - Thank you! It is so nice of you to say that... :)

    @Alison - I went rather overboard when I first discovered Google Analytics, and ended up reading at least 3 or more 'how to' posts. Pls pls do make an easy one! I still got it wrong when I first changed the code - do write G.Analytics for Dummies!
    P.S. I'm a computer science engineer to start off with, and I still could use a simple guide ;)

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog last week. I'm late replying, but I love your blog. I'm a new follower!

  6. woo hoo!! great to know...u'll only do better :) keep blogging...

  7. also...noticed that ure almost upto 100 posts!!! congratulations on this fantastic feat...

  8. wow, that was post 100? or 99? where do you check ?


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