Friday, October 8, 2010

New Feature: Readers with e-readers

I love getting to know all you bloggers and visitors better, and I thought others might as well!

Hence, this blogger spotlight will feature folks with ereaders of any kind.

Here are some sample questions below - I'd like to end up with a few really interesting, funny questions, and will need Your help with those!
Give us an idea of who you are:
Describe a typical day or send me a Photo of the region u live/your bookshelf/whatever. You can do both - photos are better! 

  • What e-reader do you own and how did you get it?
  • Did you consider other readers in the market? Why did you pick this one?
  • What's the top thing you like about it?
  • What is your favourite recent read?
  • When do you read a paper book and when do you pick up an ebook?
  • Where do you like to read? Did that change with an e-reader?
  • Have you transformed your reading style or frequency?
  • If your e-reader could have one magic feature, what would it be? (Top of Wishlist, really)
Now it is your turn!! Leave a comment if you would like to be a "Readers with e-reader" spotlit blogger.
And don't forget to help me with the questions - I need your suggestions!
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  1. I'm actually not a fan of e-readers haha colour me crazy, but this is a cute feature! :)

  2. Thanks Melissa, coming from someone who doesn't enjoy ereaders, that is a big support! :)

  3. I'd love to do it! I'd be happy to send pictures and answer any questions. cla37619 at gmail dot com!

  4. Oooh interesting feature! :) I'd love to do this, too -- I love my Kindle. :D My email is tinamats [at] :)

  5. Awesome! Thanks Julie, Tina - you guys will be the first batch :)

  6. I'd love to do this, Dee! You can send any questions to dragonsatemyhomework AT :) I'd love to provide pictures, too!

  7. @Emily - My mail is finally on the way :)

  8. Awesome's so fun to hear about someone's relationship with their reader. I would love to contribute if you need any others! ^_^


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