Sunday, October 10, 2010

Read-a-Thon: Hourly updates Here #3

We are now in Hour 18 of the Thon
10:30 AM: Reading Thud! now.
Mini Challenge #17 Ban This Book! 
A nod to Banned Books week: "Ban" a book - find a ridiculous way to get a book challenged! 
Dear Librarian/Custodian-of-our-children's minds, 
SabrielI am bringing to your attention a most persuasive book by Neil Gaiman by the name of Sabriel. This book encourages 16 year olds to leave school in order to help their father. (wouldn't they help More by studying like a good girl?) That is just the beginning, dear librarian. The story incites travel, battling demons and then crossing into the land of the dead. A major part of the story is demonology and should be banned from the gentle minds of our children. How dare a book tell them about spirits and crossing over? The kids will be scarred for life!! Also, Whistling is involved and Sabriel uses whistling to escape - do you really want our children to pick up such rascally habits?
Thud!Sabriel also proves this by later coming back to her school and causing a revolt amongst the teachers, demanding their help in battling the demon. This results in a lot of dead people. I must insist that you ban this book immediately, and ensure that tales of demons, the dead, self-discovery, young romance and whistling do not despoil the children.


12:30 PM: Pages done - 132 of Thud! 888+132= 1020 since I began the ReadaThon.
Mini-Challenge Won: The Love Hate Mini-Challenge - I won!

Quick Review: Thud! is absolutely hilarious; My reading has slowed down so I can capture each hidden joke in Pratchett's writing.
'Get a troll in der middle o' a load of dwarfs, he is like a fox in der...dem fings wi' wings, laying dem egg fings...' "Fox in a henhouse?"

2:45 PM: Hour 22 of the ReadaThon - Pages done: 366 of Thud!
Total Pages Read: 1254 (2.5 Books)
Mini Challenge: Character Photo Challenge
Photo of something in your house that recalls one of the books you are reading. To the right is a very abstract  original painting done in oil and textile, which resolves into the face of one of India's many Goddesses. This painting is a shoutout to my book Thud!'s central theme of the Koom Valley painting that holds the clue to solving the mystery behind the Battle of the Koom Valley, and resolving the Dwarven Troll Argument. (i.e. Who ambushed whom)

Have fun reading! drop a note so I can visit your Readathon posts.

Hour 23 and 3:40 PM:
I'm done with Thud!
Total Pages Read = 1327
Mini Challenge from Fiction State of Mind: Favorite Sidekicks - 
My ALL-Time champion sidekick can only be Marvin from The HitchHiker's guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.
Marvin the Paranoid Android is the No.1 most depressed creature in the universe - his unparalleled computing power is put to frequent low-usage tasks like showing visitors to the Bridge of the ship.
He is hilarious, and the book wouldn't have been the same without Marvin's acerbic commentary.
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  1. I know you're tired
    And losin' the fire
    You'd rather be sleeping
    But keep on reading!!

    Congrats on winning a mini-challenge!! :D


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