Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Content is King

I've blogged earlier about ebooks, evolving publishing and ereaders, and a lot of the conversation so far between us has been about using ebooks vs. paper books.

While researching ebook-related ideas to write about, I came across this nugget from the Harvard Business Review:
This year marked a critical shift, however. With the advent of a plethora of ereading devices, the conversation was no longer about whether such devices will be viable replacements for books, but about ways to make them vastly better than books ever were.
That makes me think. Instead of an "either or" situation, would it be a hugely different way to experience books?
Lets talk about that.
There has been talk about adding new features to enhance your reading experience. Kindle now has Scrabble, Nook comes with Sudoko and chess, and eventually, someone (probably Apple) will build community.
I don't care to have my reading interrupted (most of the time) by IMs or games, but its a neat feature to have. What do you say?
More importantly, I echo Stephen King* when I say Content Rules.

*What Mr. King said was "The Book is not the important part. The book is the delivery system. The important part is the story."
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  1. I don't have a kindle. But I agree that the content is the king! A well-written post, Deepali!

  2. i dont have a kindle either :) but if i did i think extra apps are always cool - especially for occupying my kids f we are in a waiting room or something ;)


  3. I don't know about sudoku and games on an ereader, but I will say that not being limited by paper means the author can put extras in the book.

    I just finished an advanced copy of Draculas, and that's what the authors did. There are excerpts from other books, bonus stories, behind the scenes information, interviews, just a plethora of extra content there wouldn't be room for in a regular book.

    So I'm quite happy with this aspect of the ebook evolution.

    Raven Corinn Carluk

  4. @Nomes - smart example! It would really help, i agree.
    @Raven - That is fantastic! Dracula with all that media is amazing, I would love to see that in any good book.. It would help build a stronger connection to the author as well, and Id be more likely to recall a new author with such content added.

  5. Agreed! It's all about content. I have an eReader and I read books on my mobile, too. If the book's good, I read it on anything!

  6. That is actually a great post! Content rules!

  7. Great post Deepali!! Content Rules!!! I prefer reading paperbacks and hardcovers but that doesn't mean one day it'll change. However I do hope that we are still enjoying books regardless of how it's given to us.

    I do think our society is becoming a little to far into technology, but it's just an opinion :)

  8. I love the idea of including extras with an e-book, but I'm not sure how I feel about games, internet access, and IMing. On the one hand internet access is great because you can do quick research on time period, author, style, etc. But it can also be a huge distraction. If I had IMs popping up as well, I don't know how I'd get anything done.

    It's kind of like reading a book on the computer. Every five minutes I take a break to check my email, chat with a friend, play a quick game. It's very distracting to me as a reader. As cool as it would be to have an e-reader/phone/gaming device/internet brower all in one, I like being able to turn off my phone, put away the computer and just read.

  9. Very very cogent comments!
    I love this conversation we are having :)
    @Jen - I like how you phrased that: enjoying books regardless of how we read them is a great way to think of the choices we have today.

    @Julie - Definitely don't want my e-reader/phone and games merging!! I can hardly get 10 pages into anything without compulsively tabbing to the next open thing on my laptop.

  10. THe development of books for the masses, as the narrative goes came about due to a technological invention - the press. Then as more and more nonclerical, non-nobility learned to read the world changed. WOndering whether technology will change reading, is moot. Technology changes the world as we invent and use it. And wondering if ebooks are heere to stay is like wondering if the internet is useful and here to stay.

    Technological innovation spurs human development and vice versa. SInce learning to MAKE fire (rather than waiting around for lightning) and the wheel people had scoffed at and embraced innovation. Somethings go away when they prove less than useful, but others - like reading for the masses change the world in ways we cannot even fathom.

    Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust
    twitter: @fangswandsfairy

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