Monday, October 25, 2010

Amazon Kindle now to Lend Books!

The wait is over - Amazon announced on Friday that the Kindle will finally allow lending books out to friends.
This feature is set to be in shape by the year end, and will bring the Kindle on par with what the Barnes and Noble Nook already does!
  • The books can be on loan for a two week period, but the owner will not be able to read the book for that time (rather like a real book, no?)
  • Not for all books, that depends on author/publisher
  • Kindle Apps will support this as well
In a year where the Amazon sales of books on the Kindle has so far already been 3x what they were last year, this is going to help people begin to bridge the gap between paper and ebooks. I have heard some comments on this blog, saying that people would miss lending books to friends if they shifted to ebooks.

Well done, Amazon - Better late than never!
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  1. Kindle folks have really been campaigning for this; it's been one disadvantage of e-readers over paperbacks: not being able to share with your best friends.


  2. @Malcolm - Oh great, do you know what else might be in the pipeline?

  3. Yaaay yaaaay yaaay, I heard this recently and shared with friends. I love my kindle and this is just another benefit.

    My blog is

  4. I'm so excited about this feature! It's been a long time coming, for sure. Now to enable checking books out from my local library's eBooks!


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