Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Teaser Tuesday #16 - Birthday Stories, collected by Murakami

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme hosted by MizB of Should be Reading.
Birthday Stories: Selected and Introduced by Haruki Murakami Birthday Stories: Selected and Introduced by Haruki Murakami is A collection of short stories tangentially connected to Birthdays. In typical contrary author fashion, the stories are usually quite weird and not very happy. 
"Metal flowers bloom on your tongue. No more time for thinking."
 from a story by David Wallace.

I need book suggestions while I wait for RJ and Brandon Sanderson's WoT 13 - Towers of  Midnight to release on Nov 2nd - suggest in the comments please :)
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  1. I like that. It's outside the box:)

  2. Yay id one of the finalist for the nobel prize, right?


  3. Have you read Sanderson's Mistborn series?? I've only read the first (The Final Empire) but really enjoyed it.
    Great teaser BTW! Check out my Tuesday here


  4. Interesting teaser, although I don't exactly see how metal flowers connect to a birthday. :P But I might check out the book! I don't mind weird.

    This is my teaser:

  5. I am going to suggest Silent in the Grave by Deanna Raybourn (because I am reading the fourth book in the series right now) and Susanna Kearsley because I love her writing.

    My teaser is here this week.

  6. What about reading "Magician" by R.Feist? I've heard it is good! Nice teaser - I happen to own a bunch of metal roses and I like them!

  7. I like a little weird with my reading. Keep things interesting :)

    Thanks for coming by this week.

  8. You choose a great teaser from this book.
    I have read it early this year and too keen about it. I like Murakami's own short stories better

  9. Weird and not happy, yeah, I can see that in the quote. Great teaser, btw.

    I just finished I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou. Kind of an abrupt ending, but otherwise good.

  10. Hi everyone! I like Murakami's writing BUT this book isn't as good as his own work.
    @Novroz is totally right :)

    @Kylie - I LOVE the mistborn series, and it totally showcases Brandon S.'s writing abilities.

    @Marg - both authors sound good and are new to me, thanks!!

    @anachronist - Magician, great idea!! Its been a while since I picked up a Raymond Feist.

  11. The metal flowers on his tongue is the metallic taste of his blood :)

  12. Almost reads like a haiku.



  13. David Foster Wallace? Typical lol. This sounds like a really intriguing collection!

  14. Sounds a bit depressing. I would need to have a lot of energy to read that collection, I think.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!

  15. @LKT - I know, I wouldnt recommend it, the more I read it.

    I'm just taking it one story at a time for now - mixing it up with other books.

  16. @LKT - I know, I wouldnt recommend it, the more I read it.

    I'm just taking it one story at a time for now - mixing it up with other books.


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